Online UPS (upto 150KVA)

Sine Wave Inverter (upto 150KVA)

Line Interactive UPS

Digital Inverter


Products Range

  • Parallel Redundant UPS

  • High Power Inverters

  • Three Phase Chargers and high power DC Supplies

  • IGBT based Changers

  • Special UPS for Industrial Application.



  • Annual maintenance contracts.

  • Modification and Up gradation of systems.

  • Repairing and servicing of UPS.



Considered to be the leading Online UPS manufacturers, we are a specialized Sine Wave Inverter Manufacturer with services across the country. The main products include Online UPS, Sine Wave Inverter and other Inverters.

Online UPS (upto 150KVA)

Inverter We offer a high range of Online UPS system, which are available in most advanced features such as :

  • PWM-IGBT / MOSFET based technology through zero transfer time with total line isolation providing pure sine wave output for complete and sure protection.
  • High Frequency

Crest Factor : 3:1 1
Power Factor : 0.8 lag to unity
Indications : Mains "ON", Inverter "ON",
Battery Low Trip, Mains Fail, Battery Low Alarm
as per customer's specifications
Cooling : Natural / Forced air cooled
Metering : Output Volt Meter as per customer's specifications
Batteries : Sealed Maintenance Free, Lead Acid / Tubular for required backup
Ambient Temperature : 0°C to 45°C (Non-Condensing)
Charger : CC/CV Type, Solid State Charger with Boost and
float charging facility. It charges batteries and
deliver power to the Inverter at 230V/415V+15%I/P supply.
D.C. Voltage : 48V, 72V,120V, 180V,240V, 360V

Sine Wave Inverter (upto 150KVA)

Online UPS Manufacturers We offer our clients with high graded Sine Wave Inverter at highly competitive prices. These Sine Wave Inverters are widely used in Telecommunications, Cyber café, Vending machines, Restaurants / Schools power backup source, Computer peripherals, scanners, printers, A C and all compressor based applications, Petrol filling machine and Tread mills.

The features are below :

  • Micro Controller based design with absolute and stable output voltage and frequency.
  • Sophisticated PWM technology and comprehensive display.
  • Display of all protections like thermal, short circuit, battery low/high cut, overload.
  • 1 KVA to 150 KVA
  • Harmonic distortion < 3%
  • Quite operation of AC motors as well as the other Inductive load.
  • No humming noise in load.
  • LCD panel display.
  • Superior power quality exact replica of mains
  • TDR time relay for compressor based applications (% KVA and above).

Line Interactive UPS

Sine Wave Inverter We offer high efficiency line interactive UPS, which are designed to cater the requirements of all industries.

The salient features of our compact design are :

  • Automatic voltage regulation, from 140V to 280V.
  • Suitable for any available space due to small foot print design.
  • High / low Voltage protection.
  • Built - in CC-CV battery charger with current limit to extend battery life.
  • Smart battery testing and hot-swappable unique design.
  • Generator Compatible.
  • Gold Start Capability.
  • EMI, RFI and Surge Protection.
  • CPU based design Line-Interactive UPS.

Digital Inverter

Online UPS We offer digital inverters, which are engineered using sophisticated PWM-MOSFET technology.

The highlighting features of our range are :

  • Highly stable output voltage & frequency.
  • Advance battery charger using scr's which protects from overcharging and also charges battery at constant.
  • Optimum rate over wide input voltage range of 140V - 280V AC and practically with no overheating.
  • Protection against overload & short circuit using highly reliable, electronic circuit.
  • Sleek, Rugged & Compact.
  • Very high efficiency > 90% keeping the batteries drain at minimum.
  • Audible and visual status indicators in case of overload with auto reset.
  • Mains over / under Voltage protection to safe guard your expansive gadgets.
  • Pure Sine wave on mains and Semi sine wave on inverter mode enhances longer life of your appliances.
  • Reduces the noise level up to zero.

Technical Specifications :

Capacity Available : Up to 100 KVA (Pure sine Wave) (Run your AC on Inverters)

Input Voltage : 140 V - 280 VAC
Output Frequency : 50 HZ + 1%
Output Voltage : 230 v + 5%
Output Waveform : Pure sine wave on main, semi sine wave on inverter mode
Charging Current : As per Battery Specifications (adjustable)
Efficiency : > 90%
Power Factor : 0.8 % lag to unity